AZGOP is the Conservative Circus Clown Of The Week

The Arizona Republican Party has put a member of the thought police in a position of power. Her name is Ayshia Connors – she is the spokesperson for the AZGOP. Ayshia is offended and is letting the world know all about it.

The governor’s poll numbers are sagging. The democrats are swarming the state, however Ayshia Connors is angry that Rep. David Stringer accepted an invitation from Black ministers to eat chicken and waffles at Lo Lo’s.

Ayshia apparently thought they should have invited Stringer to have some Lutefisk? Ayshia said the picture of Stringer with Black ministers under the picture of a chicken was “despicable.”

“The optics of this are despicable and it just goes to show how tone-deaf David Stringer really is. I don’t know who put him up to this, but it was an awful move,” said Ayshhia in a press release.

Seriously? This is what you are wasting the Republican’s time one? A chicken pic? AZGOP chair Jonathan Lines hopped on Twitter and backed her backward tweet! Seriously Did the AZGOP just play the race card on one of their own?

Ayshia Connors comes to the GOP after working with open borders congressmen in other states. So, it makes sense that she doesn’t know that Stringer is the guy working on criminal justice reform. She clearly doesn’t know that he is the guy trying to change the very system that sweeps up minorities and throws them into jail for minor offenses.

Maybe Ayshia is simply an establishment Republican – maybe she is a democratic party plant – whatever she is – for playing the race care over chicken and waffles, Ayshia Connors and Johnathon Lines, you two are the Conservative Circus Clowns of the week.

Listen to my Conservatie Circus Clown Of The Week rant below.

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