Obama to Blame For Democrat Crisis?

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

The Democrat Party might be finally owning up to the fact that they have a problem festering within their party.

Oh who are we kidding they have no sense of culpability for the current state they are in at all!

Herman Cain said earnestly on "Fox and Friends" that the Democrat Party has an enormous crisis on their hands and they have one major source they can point the blame to.

Former President Barack Obama.

Amazing what happens when you follow a leader who wants to bring "hope and change" and brings about false promises, open ended reform that hurts the country and changes to a fundamental system of Capitalism that the United States has been based on since its inception.

So when the country rejects those notions and wants to go back to principles that worked who else is to blame but a man who wanted so badly to change it?

The Democrat Party had a celebration during the tenure of Barack Obama as President. But now they are actually having to rise up and work again and they don't seem too keen on doing that. They liked the way things were and now they have no message.

That is leading from behind at its finest.

Thanks Obama.

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