Donald Trump The True Patriot

Courtesy of Grabien and The White House

As we celebrate the 4th of July this year we remember what it means to sacrifice and work towards the great nation that is The United States of America.

Believe it or not the man at the head of The White House wants to make things better and is making things better.

Donald Trump truly loves the institution that America represents---freedom.

The greatest country in the world with the freedoms that we have are either taken for granted or not used to its full potential. There are those are wish that The United States was like everyone else and ordinary.

Donald Trump dares to join the men and women who want this nation to be better than that. That this nation is capable of being extraordinary.

Donald Trump may do things differently than ever before---but he is not only undoing the backwards policies of the past few decades but is also helping this country simply get better at everything.

The next time you want to criticize Donald Trump---just think how much this country has grown in success since he won the elction in 2016.

It is astoundingly productive.


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