This Is Foul Mouthed CNN. Clowns of the Week!

For all of CNN's talk about President Trump coarsening American culture, the network has some explaining to do.

Over the last year, the station has gone on something like a profanity rampage, allowing and using every imaginable vulgarity on their air waves.

They would say, 'Trump started it!' Like they were on the grade school playground. 'He said countries in Africa were "sh*tholes!" Yeah, okay CNN that was like in a private meeting with staff and you didn't hear it. That hasn't stopped hosts on CNN from using the opportunity to then repeat the word, uncensored, dozens of times over the next few days, with glee!

Once Pandora's box was open, CNN's anchors and contributors were set free to be themselves and "sh*t" was only the beginning. Fudge bombs, Blaspheming (taking the Lord's name in vain), Ninja's, itches and more! 

Check out the montage above to see for yourself but brace yourself. These people want you to take them seriously!

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