Dems: Abolishing ICE not same as removing it.

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

Once again it appears that the Left has decided to step back from their earlier stance of "abolishing ICE" saying that they don't want to simply remove it.

All the calls for ICE to be gone were not your true purpose?

So what was the true purpose?

Oh yea...they just want to see Catch and Release come back because it was a policy that showed that the President had a heart and his mind could be changed to bend to your will.

The definition of abolish by the way is to formally put an end to something.

So you want to formally end ICE but you don't want it to go away?

You just want it to be neutered and not actually enforce our border policies.

As Vice President Mike Pence said "Under this administration ICE will never be abolished."

It is folks like Rep. Ted Lieu that try and provide cover for the Democrat Party that has become a one-trick- pony...Trump Hate.

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