College Students Hate Trump SCOTUS Pick Already

Courtesy of Grabien and Campus Reform

It is amazing that college students seem to know everything about the world and want their voices to be heard.

Well when this kind of nonsense is coming out of their mouths it is no wonder why they simply just don't get it.

Campus Reform doing what they do best conducted interviews with college students to ask their opinions about President Trump's pick for the next SCOTUS.

Keep in mind that when this video was made his pick was not official yet.

However don't let that stop these students from saying that his pick is already a bad one.

Why is that?

Is it because you do not like Trump and anything and everything he does even if it benefits the country is seen as racist, bigoted and wrong?

Sounds like too much watching of CNN and MSNBC and other outlets is taking place telling you that juicy Fake News.

One of the students flat out said, "Put it a black woman for SCOTUS."

So now we are nominating based on race?

Look at Trump's candidates! It is not just old white guys that everyone seems to be afraid of!

And when called to answer about balance and former President Obama putting on the Court two female Liberal Justices......crickets.

Part of the reason people elected Donald Trump to be the President was to ensure that the Courts would not lean Left for decades but lean Right.

Sorry but not sorry that you lost Liberals...but this is Trump winning. Again.

Double standards? No standards?

Sounds like both from the Left.

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