Protesters to McConnell: "We Know Where You Live"

Courtesy of Grabien

Socialism activists at their finest, right?

WARNING: Harsh language is used in the video above.

Senator Mitch McConnell is walking towards his vehicle with his staff and or security while being followed by protesters with "tough words" and cell phone video cameras to document the event.

What do actions like this accomplish?

I will tell you what it makes me simply not care about these people or their motives or their cause even less.

This is supposed to make people "wake up" and do something?

No. This should make you weep for the future of America that believes in a system that has NEVER worked. EVER.

No Justice No Peace?

What would happen if someone came to your place of work or to your home and started yelling and videotaping you?

That would be an invasion of privacy or at the very least some form of harassment.

This is not activism. It is shameful duplicity.

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