WATCH: Bill & Hill Fly Commercial

Is Hillary attempting to fashion herself as common folk, just another the 'We The People' in preparation for a 2020 presidential run? If so, Haaaaaaaaaaa Hahahahahahahahahahahna! This litle stunt reminds me of that time Hillary and Huma hung out at Chipotle! Or that time Bill and Hill were dancing on the beach (with no music) before the Lewinsky stuff came out.

So in order to rebrand the Hilldabeast, Bill and Hillary Clinton fly with the unwashed masses, the deplorables (in first class of course.) Where did Secret Service sit? Are the Obamas in coach? Is Jimmy Carter still carrying his own luggage? I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing!

Consider this, while Bill and Hill are flying commercial, PRESIDENT TRUMP is making his SECOND Supreme Court pick! 

Let that sink in.

See you in 2020 Hillary! #HerTimeAgain 

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