The View: Kavanaugh is Not Jeanine Pirro

Courtesy of Grabien and ABC

The gals from The View decided to discuss their thoughts on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS.

They seemed pleased that as Meghan McCain put it, "The Swampiest of the Swamp" was chosen as the nominee.

And yet they got their punches in saying at least he was a "quieter version of Jeanine Pirro."

It is amazing that many people get their news and opinions from this show! IT IS ABSURD!

Their "Hot Topics" segment generally TRIES to get people engaged to talk politics and world news while at the same time giving the illusion that more than one side is being represented. The panel is made up of the Left with Meghan McCain essentially representing Moderates.

There is a reason why Moderates have been losing out to Conservatives more and more. They give in to the Left too often!

Was Kavanaugh the best pick going forward? Time will tell.

But it is fascinating to see so much backlash from one side of the aisle dooming our country to ruin before the pick was even announced. And then after that pick is announced STILL not even giving Kavanaugh a chance to be confirmed and be a part of rulings at the highest level.

He is destined to overturn Roe v Wade right?

Elections have consequences! Trump won--you lost. GET OVER IT.

It is never enough for the Left and that is why trying to talk to them or reason with them is an exercise in futility.

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