Noah Karvelis Is A Marxist. Told Ya So!

When Rep. Maria Syms boldly stated that the #Redfored movement organizers were socialists, she was jeered. When the leader of #Redfored, Noah Karvelis, spoke at the Socialism 2018 event in Chicago this month he was cheered. (ADI)

That's right, Noah Karvelis is a Marxist. Which means that all the teachers who followed Karvelis and #Redfored were either fellow travellers or chumps, useful idiots... Tools.

Karvelis scrubbed his social media presence and denied that he was leading a radical socialist movement at the time. He and his supporters, including many in local media, went on the offense and took umbrage with representatives Maria Syms, Kelly Townsend, and Rusty who each made the simple observation.  Karvelis’ appearance at the Socialism 2018 Conference in Chicago from July 5-8, is total vindication.

Read The Arizona Daily Independent for the full story.

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