Trump wants cruel Immigration Policy?

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

Illegal Immigration has been on the mind of President Donald Trump ever since he was elected in November of 2016.

He wanted to stop the flow of our seemingly open borders in order to help secure our country on one front.

However pundits and experts come out of the woodwork to complain about his "Zero Tolerance Policy" calling it cruel and inhumane.

They secretly just want to go back to "Catch and Release" and act like everything is still working properly on the Border. Shhh....don't tell anyone you figured them out.

But Rick Wilson took it a step further once again taking a page from the playbook of the Left going after Trump supporters saying that they believe that "anyone who is darker than a latte should be deported."

No Mr. Wilson Trump supporters want two very distinct things.

First, they want a Border policy to be enforced and that the citizens of this country are protected from illegal immigrants who use this country for their own benefit at the expense of legal citizens.

And second they want a President who has the guts to be active in our Border security and not allow it to devolve into an open border European-esque Border catastrophe.

Once again the use of the race card falls on deaf ears Mr. Wilson. 

Sympathy gets you no where when the policy gets results.

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