Impersonating a Veteran crosses the line

Courtesy of Grabien and ABC

Sacha Baron Cohen's new show "Who Is America" is starting on SHOWTIME on July the 16th and controversy has already started.

Sacha Baron Cohen did an interview with Sarah Palin and impersonated a veteran while conducting that interview.

Palin was unaware that this was a setup and was furious after she found out.

Leave it to the Left to not have any comment nor have anything to say when it comes to condeming this kind of behavior.

It is a funny joke to impersonate a veteran isn't it?

No it is not.

And the fact that ABC did not do anything to push back against this is vile.

Add this to the long list of overt attacks against the Right with zero repercussions.

Are you going to watch Republicans get humiliated?

I am not and will not stand for this and neither should you.

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