Obama DID cage children

Courtesy of MRCTV and CNN

The duplicitous nature of the Left shows its ugly head seemingly every day.

So the current problems at the Border are the fault of Donald Trump?

That Trump caged children?

Actually Symone Sanders and Don Lemon from FAKE NEWS CNN, it was BARACK OBAMA that caged children. It was BARACK OBAMA that used 'catch and release" to further damage the Border policies.

George W. Bush may feel bad about the situation but that does not mean he did much of anything about it either. And as for Bush not commenting on Obama during his tenure, it was the media giving Obama cover when ANY criticism came his way. And it was the media bowing down to the Chocolate Jesus known as Obama that he was the country's savior and he was going to change everything and make everything better for everybody.


Leave it to Fake News CNN to perpetuate the narrative that Trump is the bad guy and is responsible for every bad policy, decision and choice that contradicts anything Obama tried to accomplish---which by the way was not much!

So keep proving to the world that the prattle at CNN and all the other Fake News outlets is inconsequential and the American people see right through it.

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