Elizabeth Warren: Let's save our Democracy!

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

These are the types of claims we see from Donald Trump detractors seemingly on a daily basis.

Senator Elizabeth Warren claims that Donald Trump is constantly attacking the very fibers of our Democracy here in the United States of America.

Let's remind Senator Warren and everyone else on this topic that we do not live in a Democracy. We live in a Representative Republic!

Seriously why does no one ever get corrected on this!?

The Left does need their voices to be heard though because they have been silenced so often by their inanities and their daft approach to getting anything done that they have now been perceived as obstructionist.

Clearly not the vibe they are going for and yet this is the best they have to offer?

Any rally, any chance, any opportunity to seize to combat against Donald Trump they will take a shot.

Except this is Donald Trump and you can not punk this man. He has completely marginalized the Left into what they truly have become---whiny brats who cry when they don't get their way.

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