SF Mayor is "Drowning in Feces"

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San Francisco Mayor London Breed wants to clean up the streets with a new plan to stop the city from "drowning in feces".

Does this mean that San Francisco is an "S-Hole" city?

Her plan calls for more money towards homeless housing and a renewed emphasis towards money going towards keeping the area cleaner as a whole.

How about the city not cater to a group of people who do not pay taxes?

How about the city make it worthwhile to put money into an area that needs it for long term prosperity?

No--that would not fit the agenda of the same city that prides itself on being a Sanctuary City and giving rights to those who do not "pay their fair share".

Cities like San Francisco do not get any sympathy from me because they deserve everything that comes their way.

"Drowning in feces" does not sound like a place that is thriving and prospering through its current policies and leadership now does it?

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