Jeff Flake: "Putin has something on Trump"

Courtesy of Grabien and ABC

Jeff Flake,the Senator who is leaving his post in January of 2019, is STILL attacking Donald Trump on his way out the door about seemingly everything.

His latest attack involves how the Helsinki Summit between Trump and Putin went down.

He is not only convinced that Putin holds something over Trump to get him to cooperate but goes as far as to say that he believes the two leaders are indeed colluding despite what Rod Rosenstein reported with his 12 indictments of Russian operatives.

Arizona---It was a mistake to have elected Jeff Flake. But now he will be gone soon enough and his attacks against the President should cease right?

In all likelihood Flake will either run in a primary in 2020 against Trump or end up on MSNBC and CNN spewing more garbage about how our "Democracy" is broken and will not be fixed until Trump is out of office. 

Yet another waste of space for the country. Good riddance!

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