Barack Obama Denounces Identity Politics

Courtesy of Grabien and ABC News

So the former President of the United States Barack Obama---the first black president---now says that identity politics should be a thing of the past and that we should try and understand one another and work together.

This is the same guy who ran a campaign on being the first Black President who also had constituents openly admit that they voted for him because he was black and because he represented a certain group of individuals.

And they say Trump walks back on his thoughts, opinions and stances on topics....

The fact that Barack Obama is still talking and people are still listening is a damn shame.

All the man did was shove Obamacare down the country's throat and set back race relations DECADES.

Oh and he also made a mockery of the office of the President and made the United States into a shell of its former glory.

But the Left keeps these kind of figures in the public eye---because they have nothing else to go on.

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