Keith Ellison: National Borders--Cross Them Freely

Courtesy of Grabien

What is the point of having a National Border if people can come in and out of it freely without repercussions?

Well if it were up to people like Keith Ellison we would have no borders and people COULD come and go as they please and COULD make us into a European country with all of its immigration and security issues.

But we have to think of the rights of the human being to try and pursue a better life regardless of the people that reside in the aspiring country LEGALLY already.

When you prop up one group of people often times you marginalize another group. How is it that Democrats can do this but when Republicans do it they are considered racist,intolerant and small-minded?

Oh that's right we have another reminder that the Left consistently plays the Double Standards Game!

Because they have nothing else to go on!

National Borders are unjust and creates an imbalance?

How about we enforce our policies and protect our CITIZENS rather than kowtow to those who have no claim to the same opportunities!

Emotion can not rule this argument. This is a simple logical stance of come here legally or don't come at all!

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