Roseanne: I thought Valerie Jarrett was White!

Courtesy of Grabien


Roseanne Barr made a mistake.

Then she doubled down on it by trying to walk it back.

Now she has just lost it.

After losing her rebooted "Roseanne" show on ABC after a racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett, Roseanne Barr has been on a roller coaster of emotions and just wants it all to be over.

Unfortunately for Roseanne, the world we live in will never let her forget her mistake.

In the interview above Roseanne is talking to someone off camera about a number of different topics and the tweet was brought up again.

She finally blew her gasket and said, "I thought the B*tch was White!"

First the tweet, then the walk back, and now this outburst on a live camera.

Three strikes and you are out Roseanne.

Your time in the limelight is over.

Sorry but you are finished.

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