NFL National Anthem Debate is Alive and Well

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

For all the NFL fans out there who thought tat the kneeling debate in the NFL was over...well get ready for more of this nonsense in the very near future.

After President Trump's remarks of getting the players off the field if they knelt during the National Anthem, the Players Association and the Commissioner have now tabled the discussion for further review.

As Mike Huckabee proclaims in the video above, "This is the inmates running the asylum on steroids."

In what job can the employees tell the boss what to do or how something is going to be at the workplace?

Roger Goodell is the representative of the owners and he is only one half of the equation. The players Association constantly fighting back for "the rights of the players" is fanning the flames for this issue still.

The "rights" of the players is to follow what the organization tells them to do.

You want to work at a job where you can protest openly at your place of work and still get paid to do it?

Good luck with that and good luck with your league continuing to erode from the inside if you do not listen to your fans and KNOCK IT OFF!

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