Time to Shut Down Universities

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Common sense coming out of a University from a Professor!?

That is exactly what Professor Jason Hill from DePaul University is speaking when he says that universities as we know them need a drastic change to their funding and their purpose as institutions of learning.

For far too long the Liberal and biased rhetoric has been spewing out onto students ready to spark ideas about how Capitalism is bad and how American values must be changed.

The function and purpose of universities has lost their purpose.

It is time to call out the depths to which universities have fallen.

Time to stop funding without provisions? Yes.

Time to hold accountable what is being taught? Yes.

Time to stop senselessly sending students there without rhyme or reason because it's "the thing to do?"


Not everyone needs nor should go to college!

Why do people think this way?

Trade schools must come back if for nothing else than to help stop the infection spreading throughout campuses today.

Thank you for your common sense Professor Hill!

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