Ocasio-Cortez is Clueless

Courtesy of Grabien and Allie Beth Stuckey

Find someone to explain Socialism to you and you will probably get what happened in the video above with Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez.

She got exposed for not knowing what she is talking about.

Socialism does not work nor has it ever worked. Why is that so hard to understand?

Granted this is a parody video spliced up with bites from a previous interview---but seriously this woman clearly does not understand Socialism or politics as a whole.

And people voted for her to represent us in Congress!?

I have to put the blame on our public schools, our parents and most importantly sheer ignorance.

Socialism in Sweden and in Venezuela may look different but they still hold the same principals of everyone being at one level with no incentive to do or be better in life.

How is that living? Is that not just slowly and monotonously dying?

Ocasio-Cortez and those who think like her are extremely dangerous and need to be cast aside at the polls.

The movement died off before and it appears we need more antibiotics of Capitalism and Truth to get rid of this nasty virus called Socialism.

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