Ocasio-Cortez Sounds Weak

Courtesy of Grabien

It is amazing what happens when you let uninformed people keep talking their nonsense. It makes them sound worse and worse which each passing moment they speak.

This is the reality of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

As if Bernie Sanders didn't sound bad enough now we have followers of his leadership that simply don't get it.

How on earth are we going to pay trillions of dollars to ensure that everyone has minimal socialized medicine that isn't even good?

Tax the rich! Pay their fair share!

No one is going to stand for giving money away to the "have nots."

Do you want to be taxed more money to give to someone else?


This candidacy of Ocasio-Cortez is a sham and even though she will in all likelihood win her district and go to Washington---she does not represent a new tide of support for Socialism.

She simply represents the out-of-touch nature of a group of people who don't love the country they reside in.

We must continue to "Make America Great Again" and stop this nonsense from getting any real traction or power or influence or recognition.

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