MSNBC mocks Socialism

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

People fearing the capabilities and possibilities of Socialism have every right to fear it. IT DOESN'T WORK!

MSNBC takes it upon themselves to call out detractors of Socialism and its attachment to affordable healthcare.

Socialism does take from all and make everything "equal". That way you don't have any aspirations to make anything better of yourself in life!

This kind of lazy behavior and thought is why there is massive pushback against a corrupt and disruptive system known as Socialism.

This also furthers the notion that the media has no idea what it is talking about when it comes to paying for an idea like universal healthcare.

It is reporting such as this that has assisted in an entire generation hating Capitalism and all the good things it provides and nurtures.

Socialism sucks. Period.

As long as there are people who do not want to pay for other people's problems---we will succeed in defeating nonsense like this.

Shame on you Stephanie Ruhle and shame on you MSNBC.

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