Iran Starts Killing Protesters, Fake News Ignores

From News Busters:

The big three networks have a very disturbing history in backing Iran over the United States. They almost never report when the Iranian Revolutionary Guard harasses our navy at sea and the ignored the sentencing of an American citizen there on trumped-up charges. When President Trump issued new sanctions on Iran, CBS sympathized with the rogue regime. NBC recently sat down with President Hassan Rouhani, the man many Iranians are now calling for the death of and bemoaned the Trump’s rhetoric with him. NBC also suggested Iran wasn’t really a threat to the region and it was only a ploy by Trump.

Now check out the video. Isn't it freakish how the media stories are similar even though they are a decade apart? Iran starts killing Protesters, ABC ignores while CBS and NBC downplay.

Welcome to the Matrix! 

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