Glenn "Kane" Jacobs: Big Government is Destructive

Courtesy of The Daily Caller and Fox News

Winning any political office can be an arduous task but for Glenn "Kane" Jacobs he is sticking to his message and ensuring that this is a real candidacy and not a stunt.

As the character on WWE programming Kane, Jacobs was a no nonsense competitor who let his actions do most of his speaking on camera.

For his part as newly elected Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee Jacobs wants to put things into action quickly and make a real difference for the community he loves.

In the video link above Jacobs goes into how he has seen big government and its destructive ways. He is firmly against that and would like smaller government interference so that the area can flourish and thrive with less oversight.

He has openly spoken out against socialism and has put forward steps to make Knox County a place to live and grow.

This is another example of a "political outsider" being elected to office to make things great again.

Remind you of anyone else?

Jacobs and Donald Trump are two completely different personalities but they do truly love this country and want to make it better.

They both now hold elected office and for Jacobs it is his time to show why and how unconventional candidates can get things done just as well as seasoned politicians.

And for his victory speech his WWE theme music played him onto the stage!

How cool is that!

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