Racist Trump or Dumb Lemon?

President Trump has no problem lobbing insults at opponents and those who attack him. We know this and it’s something the liberal media whines about almost every day. However, on NBC’s Sunday Today, host Willie Geist and Chuck Todd of Meet the Press faked the news by implying that the President reserved insults of intelligence for Americans of African descent. 

In other words, President Trump is a racist.

Let's talk about that tweet Friday night insulting the intelligence of both LeBron James and Don Lemon at CNN, an African-American television host,” Geist prefaced. “Was this more than an attack on somebody he saw insulting him on television? And why does he keep going back to the insult on intelligence when it comes to African-American leaders in this country?

Dumb Don Lemon, low I.Q. Maxine Waters, and smarter than Don Lemon Lebron James. Seriously, it's not like President Trump said Condoleezza Rice was low I.Q. This is kind of like the left pretending that Trayvon Martin was a model citizen. 

Here’s what it comes down to... As long as black celebrities allow themselves to be used as pawns and useful idiots for the Left, expect to be called out by this President. And let’s be serious… Don Lemon, Maxine Waters, and the political side of King James are as dumb as a box of rocks. Ignorance transcends ethnicity, and these three asshats do not represent the brightest among us.

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