The Democrats Don't Have A Real Message

Courtesy of Grabien and ABC

John Kasich may not represent the Republican Party as a whole but he does have one solid point to put forward these days.

The Democrats do not have a true message to show off to their constituents. Unless we are talking anything that is anti-Trump.

Is that a winning message to utilizie for the 2018 elections or any elections going forward? No.

The Democrats are still clinging to the 8 years of Barack Obama, their never-ending case of Trump Derangement Syndrome and their insistence on trying to impeach President Trump.

None of those ideas are going to work!

The voters want to see results that are tangible for them!

Democrats think that the Republicans have an identity crisis and yet they can not decide if they are following socialism principles or trying to garner more moderate votes that they chased off in 2008.

If the Democrats do not get their messaging straight soon they are going to have a hard time winning anything anytime soon.

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