Kamala Harris: I hate "Identity Politics" term

Courtesy of Grabien and NetRoots Nation

California Senator Kamala Harris spoke at an event and proclaimed that she dislikes the term "Identity Politics."

"That phrase is used to divide and distract," Harris said.

Then why is it the DEMOCRAT Party uses it all the time for its own benefit!?

This is once again another attempt by the Left to twist the narrative to its own workings to benefit themselves on an issue they know they are wrong on.

Which Party divides the country by race, religion, gender and overall morality?

If you guessed the  Democrat Party you would be right!

The feckless nature of the Left spreads like weeds on your lawn---no matter how much you try to get rid of them they always seem to show back up.

The bending of the truth by the Left has probably not reached its apex yet---but just when you think they can not sink any further they surprise us all.

Identity Politics is something they thrive on and have been called out for. This weak attempt at salvaging it must not go unanswered!

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