This Is What Democracy Looks Like

From Candice Owens Twitter account:

Charlie Kirk and Candice Owens got attacked and protested by Antifa for eating breakfast. Anita is  following Kirk and Owens through Philly. Take a look at the ALL BLACK AND HISPANIC police force protecting them as the lunatics scream “f*ck the racist police”. (Watch below.)

I think it's time to redefine what protest means. 

The Civil Rights marches of the early 1960s were protests. The Tea Party gatherings earlier this decade were protests. Antifa activities are not protests. They are assaults. Antifa are not protesters, they are domestic terrorists.

Get it straight.

Charlie Kirk said on his Twitter account, "If we allow the Democrats to regain control of Congress, these radicals will be in charge of the levers of power." He's right. We cannot let that happen. 

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