Rourke: Trump Is A Garbage Can President

Courtesy of Grabien and TMZ Sports


Who should TMZ Sports ask about the ongoing saga between LeBron James and President Donald Trump?

I know! Let's get actor Mickey Rourke to comment on it!

The logic behind this is what exactly?

Rourke called Trump a "Garbage Can President" after the conversation turned towards the NFL players kneeling to protest.

I find it fascinating that celebrity opinion is something that is sought after by the media and the masses.

Should we care what Rourke's opinion on the matter is?

Should celebrity opinion actually matter to the rest of us?

The answer to both of those questions is of course no.

But these types of responses that are pined over are not warranted nor welcome.

I want to appreciate Rourke for his acting and not his opinions.

You have the right to say whatever you want---but actions do have consequences.

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