Trump Supporters Are Not Idiots

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

CNN does a masterful job at times manipulating their discussions into their narrative they are trying to push which often traps guests and or commentators and analysts into playing their game.

The focus group shown in the video above is a perfect example of CNN trying to set the trap for Pro-Trump supporters.

As the focus group gets talking Camerota wants the panel to admit that they think Trump is a racist and their reasoning for it. This is because this is how they feel and they want their credibility to shine through.

However this panel had three strong supporters who were not going to tolerate the rhetoric from Camerota or from the three anti-Trump members on the panel.

The woman who regrets voting for Trump called his supporters "idiots" which was challenged by a male Trump supporter.

Even further into the group a former male Trump supporter apologized to the country for his "mistake" to vote for Trump which was also met with backlash.

Camerota was then challenged as to why people voted for Trump along the lines of the economy and education.

"I don't care what Trump tweets," said a female Trump supporter.

CNN proved once again that this was not an open discussion but a chance for Trump bashing and to back Trump supporters into a corner to make them feel marginalized.

Why it is that people want to go on CNN to be treated this way?

Well President Trump seems to have the right idea about the biased network and perhaps the country is waking up to the fact that CNN has been showing its colors for a long time and are finally getting called out for it.

Too bad if you don't like it CNN! Put on your big pants and start being who you say you are---REAL NEWS!

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