Michael Avenatti Not Real 2020 Candidate, Right!?

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

"The Democrats need a candidate who takes Trump seriously as an opponent," said Avenatti.

Take a second to let those words sink in...

And then enjoy how much you should be laughing by not only the notion that Trump takes anyone seriously as an opponent on the Left but also that he even thinks Michael Avenatti is worth wasting a Twitter smackdown on.

The lawyer of Stormy Daniels thinks he is the answer for the Democrat Party in 2020?

This is the same Democrat Party that wants to run the same tired people such as Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden while also reaching out to LeBron James, Mark Cuban and now Michael Avenatti.

The state of the Democrat Party is nothing short of embarrassing and the insinuation that since Donald Trump got elected that ANYONE can get elected is also plain ignorance.

The Left has been an embarrassment for a long time so this is not a huge surprise but fear not---the Left always finds a way to outdo itself when it comes to reaching new depths of futility.

What a sad state of affairs for a Party that has not had many proud moments recently or at all quite frankly.

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