The True Face of Democrats: Nancy Pelosi

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Have you ever been to a family reunion and get cornered by that fanily member who never stops talking and is avoided by the entire family the whole night in order to not get trapped into a long conversation with?

That is what Nancy Pelosi has become to the Democrat Party.

The rest of us have known this for a while and let the Left drift along thinking that nothing was wrong at all. But now it seems the Democrats are finally ready to admit that Nancy Pelosi does not represent what they stand for anymore.

She has finally become antiquated. Took them long enough didn't it!?

Her leadership is diminished and the Party has passed her by becoming even more radical and more reckless than ever before. She can't keep up and it is time for her to go.

However if anyone thinks her stepping down as the leader of the Democrats is actually going to change anything---well you have another thing coming.

Can you imagine someone as vapid as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being in charge if she gets there? Or someone that is just as inexperienced and clueless about life?

I would cry for the Democrat Party if I had any sympathy..but I do not!

Laughter will suffice because that is all the Democrats have become...a joke.

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