Protesters: I would Murder Trump for America

Courtesy of Grabien and Benny Johnson


Violent hate speech fills the air as protesters fill the streets to fight back against President Donald Trump and any of his supporters.

Benny Johnson took around a camera and spoke to some of these people as to what they would do if Donald Trump showed up to the rally.

Everything from peeing on him, to physically assaulting him to outright threatening to murder him were mentioned in the video above.

Let me guess--the Left will something nothing ill of these people who threaten bodily harm to the President of the United States of America...

By the way the Government probably wants to investigate some of these people especially the guy who threatened to MURDER TRUMP!

Where is the coverage for this outlandish behavior? There isn't going to be any. Because this is anti-Trump which means it is tolerated.

This is what embarrassing behavior and the devolving of society looks like.

Sad, stunning and an unreal state of affairs that our country is in with demonstrations like this.

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