Guaranteed Income? Socialism Here We come!

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

The city of Chicago wants to be known as a forward thinking city by putting together a new plan that benefits everyone.

They want to make what is called "Guaranteed Income" for all as a life stipend so that everyone walks around with some money.

So we are now overtly advocating for Socialism to creep into everyday life now with stipends for existing instead of being productive in life, right?

Capitalism at its core wants people to work hard to succeed and make a living based off of skills and work that they choose to do. The choice of skills makes you applicable to certain jobs at certain pay scales. That seems fair does it not?

Well how about people who simply want to sit on their couch all day and do nothing and get paid to do it?

How about the people who choose to leech off of society in order to get by and get paid to do it?

Or how about people who simply want everyone to be at the same level so that prosperity and self-improvement and wanting to be anything but ordinary or average in life gets squelched? 

Here is a news flash everyone: LIFE IS NOT FAIR.

If you don't make the kind of money you want to make---find a better paying job or find a job that wants to pay you more for your skills!

If your skills don't meet the pay grade you want then get better educated and work towards your goals instead of trying to be handed what you feel to be "entitled."

No one is "entitled" to anything in this life and the sooner you accept that and get back to working hard and making your life the best it can be without making others pay for your ineptitude---the sooner we can all get back to striving to be better people instead of drones shifting through life waiting to die off suffering through mundane and "fair" life.

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