The Democrat Party embraces being Far Left

Courtesy of Grabien and NBC

The Left can hide its' true intentions all they want but eventually the truth seems to find its way to the mainstream media where they reveal all!

In an interview with Seth Myers, Elizabeth Warren discusses the current state of the Democrat party and where it is going. Myers even mentions that Warren was once considered the "Far Left" candidate and asks her if she is happy with the Party going more in her radical direction.

Warren seems pleased as does the Left as a whole and as does the media who used to boast about how unbiased and simply reporting the facts they are.

Well once again this is another blatant example of how biased the media has become and how happy they are that the {arty of Extreme, the Democrat Party, is proud of what they have devolved into.

Good luck getting the country to think as radical as you do...oh wait actually please keep thinking that because you will not win many elections and you will sustain no real power for the foreseeable future.

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