Hispanic support up 10% for Trump?

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

How far will Trump haters go? They will boycott a small business owner for posting a picture with Jeff Sessions.


So now we have a section of our community who actively wishes to harm the livelihood of a small business owner over one picture with a member of the Trump Administration....

This is the world we live in.

As Rachel Campos-Duffy reports in the video above, Univision ran with this story agreeing with the boycott and helped fan the flames to this ridiculous boycott measure.

The economic numbers for Hispanics across the board are up and Trump's support among that community is up by 10%!

Does Univision or any other media outlet report those numbers? Of course not. It does not fit their narrative that Trump is NOT helping the economy and that Trump is ONLY looking out for the White community.

In fact it drives a hole right through that narrative and makes Trump the President who wants to "Make America Great Again."

The concept is clearly lost on people who preach tolerance but have none of their own.

Sessions wanted something to eat and the establishment that simply serves him food pays the price.

Unfathomable behavior.

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