AZ Republic Goes After Turning Point USA?

The Arizona Republic wants… No – desperately needs you to believe that Turning Point USA is a controversial organization. In fact, the Arizona Republic wants you to believe that Turning Point USA, home of Candace Owens, Brandon Tatum and yours truly, is a racist organization.

Why do they want – no need you to believe that? Simple, they need to stop the fastest growing Conservative organization in the country. Why do they want – no need – to stop the fastest growing conservative organization? Because let’s face it, socialists are generally lazy! They might be very busy in their parents’ basements typing screeds for obscure blogs, but they can’t compete with Conservatives!

As an American of African descent, it is really disturbing when a mostly lily-white organization filled with a bunch of unjustifiably smug elites decides what is and what is not racist. The crack crew over at the Arizona Republic has decided that it can spread hate and division by claiming that it exists in the rooms of Turning Point USA. This is based on a tweet or two from ex-staffers – that’s it!


Let’s be real though – no one reads below the headline to discover that they deemed Turning Point USA to be vile on nothing more than some tweets. “Gov. Doug Ducey spoke at event for Turning Point USA, a group plagued by racism charges. Nice! Tag Turning Point and smear Gov. Ducey by association. How do they explain a Candace Owens? A Brandon Tatum? A James T. Harris? AZ Republic mentions Owens and Tatum but more as tokens, not players. How come we never see headlines from the media saying, “Black Panthers Organization plagued by racism,” or “The Nation of Islam plagued by racism,” or anything of that nature?

You don’t see those headlines and you won’t see those headlines---ever.

What you do see is the art of the smear in headlines like, “a group plagued by racism charges.” I have noticed, only racist charge people with being racist.

Think about that AZ Republic.

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