Censorship is a Slippery Slope

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

The Left praises itself and tells the world that is fully on board with free speech and 1st Amendment rights and making sure everyone's voice is heard.

Yet here we are with Twitter and CEO Jack Dorsey taking a stand by censoring Alex Jones and InfoWars for content and by violating the policies of the social media platform.

Jones was censored because Twitter saw his content as "violating the abuse policy."

The slippery slope argument that can be used just from this one instance is a terrifying glimpse into the future if these sort of actions continue to happen.

In the video above Tucker Carlson speaks on the idea that censorship does not work and in fact helps the spread of ideas.

If you tell someone not to do something they are often inclined to do more of that action to prove that their defiance against you is strong.

Censorship does not solve anything it only makes things worse. The entire idea of putting emphasis on something and magnifying the issue makes no sense if you are trying to squelch an idea.

Ideas thrive in chaos and feed off of energy thrust into it.

Just know this---Alex Jones is not going to go away quietly in the night. 

This is a warning to anyone else putting out content that could be deemed "a violation of core values" to any social media platform---we are here to stay!

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