John Brennan's "Privilege" Ain't Coming Back!

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

John Brennan is clearly very upset that his security clearance has been revoked. He will not shut up about how he feels that President Trump is drunk with power and that he is abusing his power.

Donald Trump took away a "privilege", not a "right" Mr. Brennan.

Entitlements have become such a norm now that when things that are deemed entitlements get taken away people lose their minds over it!

You had clearance and now you don't regardless of what "courtesy" you may have been given before. President Trump made a decision and you can't live with that decision.

So John Brennan, acting like a lover scorned, has been making the rounds with the mainstream media crying to whomever will listen.

Access is not an entity that gets awarded to you forever so please do us all a favor and move on with your life.

We the American people truthfully don't care that you got your favorite toy taken away---get your parents and or the media to buy you a new one.

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