Brennan revoked...another norm shattered?

Courtesy of Grabien and ABC

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 shattered all norms to the office of the Presidency. Is that too strong of a statement to make? It is the truth after all.

Getting things done the way Trump is doing them----that is shattering norms.

Taking abuse from the media? Those days are long gone with this President. THAT is shattering norms.

Revoking security clearances from disgruntled employees---that just sounds like a good business practice.

The media likes to spin this as a President that has gone rogue when in actuality he is doing the job of a man who cuts out the fat and makes the job at hand as efficient as possible without any excess weight around.

Brennan and all the rest of the junk that has littered this administration are slowly but surely being rid of---its about damn time!

Trump is going to have until 2020 to Make America Great Again and those that don't want to get on board will inevitably just be another angry and vapid individual who will cry to anyone for reciprocity.

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