Bullock: "In Many Ways Our Economy is Broken"

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

Democrats will say ANYTHING to firmly disagree with our current President. I mean ANYTHING.

Minnesota Governor Steve Bullock claims that "in many ways our economy is broken" while his state has lower unemployment rate than the national average.

Can you say clueless? Can you say Trump hater?

In the diatribe from the video above, Bullock goes on and on about assault weapon bans and medicaid for all and I.C.E. being a disaster but his claim to a broken economy should send up a huge red flag when it comes to any other talking points he or his Party make.

The Democrats are so desperate to gain power back any way that they can that they will LIE to their constituents and to the American people that the economy is broken and needs the fixing care it got during the last two Presidents.

The American people have woken up and decided that they want policies that work from a President who is about action and results.

No more glad handing or empty promises which quite frankly is what Governor Bullock and people like him are defined by now.

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