Democrats can't decide---Capitalism or Socialism?

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

Would you surprised to hear that the Democrat Party has an identity crisis that they vehemently deny at every turn?

Well don't let them tell you anything different because they seem to be split right down the middle when it comes to what the Party stands for.

You have Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spreading the love of Socialism and big Government on one side.

On the other side you have Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi trying to show leadership without any real backing from the Party.

Then you have people like Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) who is trying to play both sides and stand in solidarity with the Party while still trying to fool the American people that he believes in Capitalism that does not involve huge Government oversight.

Liberals want to be back in power so bad but they don't have any real sense of how to get it back unless it involves bashing President Trump.

Either side they choose in the Socialism/Capitalism debate will prove to be worthless as the American people will not follow a Party that claims an identity crisis is happening in the other Party rather than looking in the mirror and seeing the state of decay that it has become.

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