Sacha Baron Cohen questions Hillary's gender

Courtesy of Grabien and Showtime

People think this is funny?

Sacha Baron Cohen doing his undercover interview project known as "Who Is America?", was interviewing Howard Dean about this very subject of questioning Hillary Clinton's gender.

First of all, the Confederate Flag next to Howard Dean's name graphic is clearly not meant to be subtle and is once again not funny!

Second, the process itself was taped months ago so none of these people could look ahead and know off hand that it was a fake interview. However that is not an excuse for anyone that agrees to such a hoax and a farce of a concept to agree to do this in the first place! So these people do not get a pass!

And third, this type of show to get people into compromising situations and saying outrageous things has been before and been done better and with more taste and class.

Who Is America?

Not this show that is for damn sure.

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