The True Face of Socialism--Venezuela!

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

"Venezuela is a good example of what we should not be doing."

Those words from Fox Business Network's Stuart Varney could not ring any more true as to the nature of Socialism and the failures it represents.

Venezuela is causing huge problems for Colombia and Brazil just based on the fact that it is failing so miserably.

Have you seen the shelves at a Venezuelan store? Empty like a ghost town.

Don't let anyone fool you--- the true face of Socialism lies in the disaster known as Venezuela.

How did Venezuela go from the 4th richest per capita country in the world in the 1950's to the abysmal dumpster fire it now is?


How can a country sitting on one of the largest reserves in the world fall from grace so rapidly?


When oppression hides behind flawed ideals, the people that suffer are those mandated to follow it blindly.

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