Donald Trump Scoffs at "Blue Wave" in 2018

Courtesy of Grabien and C-SPAN

The supposed "Blue Wave" that will be sweeping across the land during the 2018 Elections may hit a roadblock or reality very soon.

The Democrats plan on flipping the House or the Senate or both in November---good luck!

President Trump discussed how voting to make wholesale changes in either the House or the Senate will let in more crime and more emphasis on open borders.

I.C.E. along with DHS and Customs have a hard enough time doing their time without being tied down by previous administrations incompetence and unwillingness to do anything constructive when it comes to securing our border.

President Trump is leading the charge to secure our borders by enforcing policy that is already on the books.

It is amazing though how doing your job can be construed as being so wrong in the eyes of the Left.

But if Trump cared what they thought he would be doing what Obama did for most of his 8 years in office---nothing.

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