Kevin Hart Tells Trump to "Suck It"

Courtesy of Grabien and MTV


Leave it to the Left to find any instance in any situation to attack our current President Donald Trump.

At the 2018 MTV VMA's, comedians Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish did a comedy routine to help set the tone for the festivities of the evening.

They took shots at some of the performers there and spoke about some crazy things going on in the world around them today.

Hart in particular took shots at the NFL kneeling controversy saying there would not be a "an old white man who could stop you from doing it."

He later in the set told President Donald Trump to "Suck It."

Would this have ever been tolerated under Barack Obama!?

If at another music award show a performer told Michelle Obama to "Suck It," how would that be categorized? It would probably go down as being misogynist and racist and sexist, right?

That is the epitome of double standards and hypocrisy from the Left.

You will not see CNN or MSNBC or anyone else criticize Kevin hart for his verbiage.

He will simply get a pass because he is a Democrat.

And what will their rationale be for this behavior? Trump did it first. What are we 12 back on the playground?

Yes. The Left are acting like children.

Step aside and the the adults keep running this country efficiently and with prosperity and with actual results instead of telling the President to "Suck It."

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