Michael Cohen has incentive to say ANYTHING

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Now that Michael Cohen is agreeing to testify with information against President Donald Trump after plead guilty, what does he have to lose? He could admit to being anywhere at any time. He could simply make up information that sounds like it implicates the President in wrong doing, or collusion, or having knowledge about hush money.

Cohen could go into hyperbole and admit that HE was at the Grassy Knoll the day Kennedy was assassinated!

That last one is ridiculous but the pint is that Cohen's motives here are now very clear and everyone should see right through it.

When someone has something on you they try to leverage you into doing something for them because they have the advantage over you coercing you to do what they want.

This is the position Cohen is in. He plead guilty to non-crimes? Why would he do that?

He wants to hurt Donald Trump just as much as the media, the Left and all the people that want so desperately to see him out of power.

 Good luck going against the master against spin!

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