Seek Impeachment! Save your job?

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

The Left seemingly has a new obsession when it comes to Donald Trump: Impeachment.

However, they have been wanting him out of office ever since Election Night 2016.

Hearing calls from the likes of Maxine Waters with "Impeach 45", along with Rep. Al Green proclaiming that Trump does not even have to commit a crime in order for impeachment papers to be drawn up.

However the problem with this constant moaning and groaning and pleading and whining and complaining for the Left is all to gain momentum in the 2018 Midterm Elections.

And I don't think it is going to work!

As Bongino says in his discussion with Carlson in the video above, the Democrats will get "absolutely smoked" in the midterms and they know it.

The Left is lying to you America. They always have and they probably always will. All they seek is power. All they seek is another sip from the alter of control.

The media is even worse when they prop up impeachment all across their shows and their networks. They so desperately want to be relevant and have a seat at the table again!

Don't let them continue to manipulate you!

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